How to play truth or dare game – the rules, questions & dares

Games always spice up a party. They bring action, fun, and laughter. Can you think of another game that livens up a party more than the truth or dare game? Truth or dare game is a classic party game for all age groups. It can bring intimacy to a circle of close friends or relatives. It can bring lots of hilarity to a large group. It can perk up any boring party. When played among family, it gives children a great chance to ask their parents’ fun but daring questions and for parents to get to know about their children’s life.

Truth or dare is an easy game to play. The essential thing is to ask a question and the other person to answer as truthfully as possible. If the person wants to avoid the question, he is given a dare – a task to perform. It can be played in multiple ways.

Truth & Dare game – 3 methods

In one method, the players will sit In a circle. The youngest player in the group starts the game by asking “truth or dare”. If the next player chooses a question, the first player can ask the question. But if he cannot answer the question, he gets a task to perform.

In the second method, separate piles of written slips are prepared with questions and dares. One player becomes the questioner and gets to choose the person to answer. The person to answer can decide whether he wants a question or dare. Accordingly, the questioner selects a slip from the pile and the second person has to answer a question or perform a dare.

The third method is more fun. In this method, a bottle is kept in the center and spun—the person to whom the bottle neck points to, have to answer the question or perform the dare.

Rules of the game

This game is extremely popular because of the tricky or embarrassing questions that players get to ask and the funny and sometimes awkward tasks they have to do. But care must always be taken not to use this game to hurt any players. The players can discuss and decide what type of question and dare to be used in the game and what to avoid.
Safety must always be one of the priorities of this game. The dares must never harm anyone. If anyone in the game wants to skip a truth or a dare, they must be allowed to. It’s not necessary that everyone must be comfortable in doing everything. And the most important thing for any game is having fun and not squirming in embarrassment.

But the players can decide beforehand a harmless punishment for the person who skips. For example, the person who skips a dare can be asked to tell the truth. Or the person who skips a truth can be asked to imitate any celebrity.

Most importantly, players must agree to keep whatever is said in the game among themselves. No one other than the players must know what is said and done in the game. When played among the children, care must always be exercised to avoid bullying. The children can use it as an excuse to ask awkward questions and do difficult tasks.

Truth or dare can be a fun game for any kids’ party, if you are just a little cautious. The best method to adopt is to prepare slips with written truths and dares. This way, you can avoid bullying and any uncomfortable incidents. You can either involve the players while preparing slips or you can prepare them beforehand.

Here are some questions and dares to help you start with.

Questions to ask for ‘Truth or Dare’

It is an opportunity to bring some laughter to the group by asking tricky questions. The player must answer the question truthfully. You cannot lie. Don’t expect any easy questions as it is played to have some fun.

Who is your favorite actor/ actress?
Who is your crush?
Have you ever lied to your parents?
What’s the biggest school rule you have broken?
What’s your worst habit?
If you have to choose a superpower, what would it be?
Are you scared of ghosts?
Tell us your worst nightmare.
Who is your favorite parent?
Have you ever cried watching a movie?
Do you sleep with a night light on?
What is the worst food you have eaten made by your mom?
Tell the last lie you have told.
What’s your nickname?
Have you ever faked being sick to skip school?
Which is your favorite video game?
Do you take a shower daily?
Who annoys to most?
If you are invisible what is the first thing you would do?
What is your biggest fear?

List of Dares for “Truth or Dare”

Sing a song
Do the chicken dance
Kiss the person next to you
Walk like a duck
Jump like a frog
Act like a pet dog for someone
Let someone else put makeup on you
Tell a joke to make your questioner burst out laughing. Continue to do so till it’s achieved.
Sing an opera for a minute
Do twenty jumping jacks continuously
Eat as many ice cubes as possible in a minute
Wear a fool’s cap for three rounds
Skip from one end of the room to the other
Spin an imaginary hula hoop
walk with a set of books balanced on your head
Eat a bun or biscuit without touching it
Make an animal sound.
Stay without blinking for a minute.
Talk on an imaginary phone with your best friend
Say I love you to the person next to you.

Did you know that the truth or dare game has been played in ancient Greece? It was called questions or commands then. A similar game was played during Christmas in the eighteenth century in England in which the commander asked his subjects to answer a question. If the subject is unable to do so, he must pay a forfeit or has his face smutted.

Nowadays, many apps offer online games of truth and dare. The game’s popularity can be understood when you know that it had been portrayed in many films and television shows. In 2018, a film named “Truth or Dare?” was released.

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