10 easy PARTY GAMES for small kids

For kids, parties are fun time because there will be friends around to play lots of games. And for parents too, because the kids are engaged.

While planning games for kids, we should be careful to make them easy and enjoyable for everyone present. And they will not appreciate it if all your games fall into a category that does not involve any action. Remember, a child always wants to move around and be active. Limit intellectual games and choose light-hearted ones which are fun to play. Also, be careful to choose games that do not drag too long as kids might get bored after some time.

So here is a list of games that they are sure to enjoyv- the classic ones which have never failed. These games are the best way to engage them and provide them with avenues to spend their energy.


Musical chair

it’s a classic game generations have played before us. Still, it has its own charm. Chairs are arranged in a circle with one less chair to the total number of players. Play a bit of their favorite trendy song and stop suddenly and everyone has to grab a chair nearest to them. You cannot move backward to grab a seat, only move forward. Anyone without a chair to sit is out of the game. This continues till you are left with two players and one single chair. The one to grab the chair will be the winner.

Lemon and spoon

This is best played outdoors. The players will stand in a line at the starting point. Each one will have a spoon with a lemon balanced in their mouth. At the “go” signal, the players have to move forward towards the finishing line without dropping the lemon. Whoever drops the lemon will be out of the game. The winner will be one to reach the finishing line with the lemon intact in their spoon.

Squeal piggy, squeal

This is a fun game where one child is blindfolded and the rest of the players sit in a circle around him. The blindfolded child can move in any direction and touch a player and say, “ squeal piggy, squeal”. The one who is touched will then make the sound of a pig squeal. If the blindfolded child can identify the player from the sound, he becomes the next one to be blindfolded. For this game, you can choose any animal or bird sound which the children will find easy to mimic.

Balloon burst

Balloon burst can be played by all age groups. The only thing you need for this game is hydrogen balloons. Before inflating the balloon you have to insert chits with some challenges on them. The challenges can be like singing a song, dancing to the music, jumping like a frog, imitating a monkey, etc. The children have to bop the balloons in the air while music is playing. As soon as the music stops, they have to lower their balloons and touch them. The last one to touch the balloon has to burst it and act out according to what the chit says.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts can be a simple fun activity or more complex that involves problem-solving skills. In the first type, hide gifts like chocolates around the place and kids are allowed to find them. Finders become keepers and the one to find most becomes the winner. In the second type of game, gifts are hidden and clues are distributed. The children will have to solve the clues and find the treasure.

Simon says

Simon says can be played by all age groups. One of the children is selected as Simon and others line up behind him. The selected child says any command which the other children will have to act out. He says it with or without saying Simon says followed by the command. The other children must act out only if it starts with Simon says. If anyone acts out for a command that does not start with what Simon says, he is out.


Piñata is a Mexican game involving chocolates and sweets. You can either buy a piñata or make one and fill it with chocolates and sweets. Children are blindfolded and handed with a stick with which they have to beat open the piñata. Piñata will be made to bob up and down making it difficult for the children to touch it. Whoever manages to break the piñata will be the winner.

Pin the tail on the donkey

Keep a drawing of a donkey without a tail infront of the kids. Blindfold each child, hand over a tail, and direct him towards the picture. The child has to pin the tail on the donkey as accurately as possible. Whoever manages to pin the tail nearest to the target will be the winner.

Musical statues

Play a piece of upbeat music and encourage the children to dance as they want. The moment the music stops the children will have to stand still as statues. Anyone caught moving will be out of the game.

Mummy wrap

Divide the group into pairs. Hand over rolls of toilet paper to each pair. One has to be a mummy and the other has to wrap the paper around the mummy. Whichever team finishes it first will be the winner.

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