Fun indoor craft activities to do with a 3 year old

A three-year-old toddler is a bundle of energy. How to tackle this bundle of energy? The best thing you can do is engage them physically and intellectually. You may not be in a position to take them outdoors always. Most of the time, you will be stuck with them behind closed doors. Then it becomes … Read more

How to play truth or dare game – the rules, questions & dares

Games always spice up a party. They bring action, fun, and laughter. Can you think of another game that livens up a party more than the truth or dare game? Truth or dare game is a classic party game for all age groups. It can bring intimacy to a circle of close friends or relatives. … Read more

10 easy PARTY GAMES for small kids

For kids, parties are fun time because there will be friends around to play lots of games. And for parents too, because the kids are engaged. While planning games for kids, we should be careful to make them easy and enjoyable for everyone present. And they will not appreciate it if all your games fall … Read more

7 Best Fanfiction websites for kids

Fan fiction, otherwise known as fanfic is the creative output of fans on any popular books, movies, television series, even popular celebrities. It is a great way to get kids interested in reading and writing. They can follow a fanfiction of their favorite movie, show, etc, and start their reading and writing journey. Fanfiction works … Read more

How to make your kid cherish Nature

Children today spend the majority of their time in front of electronic gadgets and a lot less engaged with the nature surrounding them. They are more interested in the virtual world than the real world. A good part of their day is spent in academics and related activities and the rest they are interested in … Read more

52 weekend fun activities to do with kids

There are usually 52 weekends in a year. How are you going to spend these precious free time with your kids? Lazy habits around television and food will be the answer if we probe around in most houses but quality time spent with the family together can be fun too. Kids are young only for … Read more